The Faith Works Project

Tupelo Mississippi

Tupelo Tornado

Here is the tornado and the path it took on April 28. Faith Works volunteers have already travelled to Tupelo to help with early disaster recovery and assessment work. We want to partner with Eight Days of Hope (EDOH) in an effort this July 12-19 for the Eight Days of Hope XI event. EDOH will supply lodging and food. Please click HERE for more information

Register at

Remember that each volunteer needs to register. Not just one registration for the whole family. BTW, we are expecting around 3000 volunteers. If you want to attempt to coordinate carpooling with other Faith Works volunteers, please also use our contact page to let us know. We will do what we can to facilitate a pooling of resources. 

Here are some photos of the damage and of Faith Works volunteers in action in Tupelo.  

Designed by Bobby Baucom